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This is our year….Maybe….

Date: 28 April 1990 Result: Liverpool FC 2 Queens Park Rangers 1 Liverpool Scorers: Rush (40) Barnes (63) Venue: Anfield This was the date when Liverpool FC wrapped up the English Division One league title with two games to spare. I was fourteen years old at the time, and since that date over twenty years … Continue reading

As clear as mud

I attended an all boys’ high school which was modelledΒ  along the lines of an English public school – blazers (in 30 degree Zimbabwean heat), diagonally-striped ties, rugby, cricket and learning about how to be a young gentleman. One of my favourite sports was not on offer, namely football. So what we ended up doing … Continue reading

The dea(r)th of South African strikers

The end of a football season brings with it the end-of-season awards and one of the major ones in South Africa is the top goal scorer award for the Premier Soccer League, or PSL as it is more commonly known. The top five goal scorers in the PSL for the 2010/11 season are Knowledge Musona … Continue reading

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