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Naming & Shaming

Nicknames have long been a favourite of football fans and supporters the world over. Some are literal, based on a player’s former profession and former Zimbabwe international Tauya “Doctor” Murehwa, who studied medicine, falls into this category. Some are based on a player’s position and Tinashe “The General” Nengomasha, who was the midfield commander for … Continue reading

Something Old, Something New – Liverpool FC prospects

It’s that time of the year once again. If you’re in the Southern hemisphere, like me, the pre-season friendlies have commenced, there are plenty of rumours of new players to be signed and the main sport on TV is Tour De Drugs France and rugby. If you’re in the Northern hemisphere the pre-season friendlies have … Continue reading

Groundhog Day – Inside the mind of Arsene Wenger

For a supporter of Arsenal Football Club, the period between mid-May and mid-August of each year could be the most frustrating and psychologically draining period of the year – a Groundhog Day that has a recurring nightmare theme. The rest of the year is typically hopeful, expectant and disappointing at varying points but the football … Continue reading

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