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Balotelli’s Castle

At face value, Mario Balotelli appears to be completely and utterly bonkers. Who cares if he is or he isn’t? Continue reading



At approximately 1200hrs (Central African Time) on Sunday 16 October 2011, a huge cheer went around at Aucklandโ€™s Eden Park stadium when the final whistle was blown and the New Zealand All Blacks completed a deserved 20-6 victory over their neighbours from Australia in the semi finals of the Rugby World Cup. What probably wasnโ€™t … Continue reading

Scapegoats – Who is to blame?

National sporting disappointment for Bafana Bafana and the Springboks. Who is to blame though? Continue reading

Suarez on a slippery slope

Luis Suarez. He’s done it again. Unfortunately, it’s not scoring a wonder goal this time. In the World Cup against Ghana, Luis Suarez committed a crime and blatantly blocked the ball with his hands to prevent a certain goal for Ghana. The main thing that stuck in the craw of most supporters was the fact … Continue reading

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