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Suarez on a slippery slope

Luis Suarez. He’s done it again. Unfortunately, it’s not scoring a wonder goal this time.

In the World Cup against Ghana, Luis Suarez committed a crime and blatantly blocked the ball with his hands to prevent a certain goal for Ghana. The main thing that stuck in the craw of most supporters was the fact that having been red carded, Suarez then proceeded to celebrate in the tunnel when Ghana missed their penalty.

Today, 1 October 2011, against Everton Suarez committed another crime and succeeded in conning referee Martin Atkinson to send off Jack Rodwell in the 23rd minute of the game with a straight red card. Replays proved there was no contact and Suarez cheated.

Leaving aside Atkinson’s obvious error, this gamesmanship is extremely annoying and not just for the victims of it. Talented he may be, but Suarez only diminishes his obvious superior talent by diving and cheating.

Before the “Johnny Foreigner” brigade weighs in, Suarez’s cheating stablemates include not only Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba but also the English players like Steven Gerrard and Michael Owen.

Unlike the TV show, cheaters should not be praised but should be retrospectively banned.


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I'm beginning to get the sense that my career as a professional footballer may not happen. As a result, I'll try write about football and sports instead....


5 thoughts on “Suarez on a slippery slope

  1. What a prick

    Posted by Sanjay | 01/10/2011, 16:53
  2. TMO, its not rocked science. But the drama of football is part of the allure. So you have to take the good with the bad. FIFA could have addressed the cheating issue ages ago, but it suits their pockets keep the drama going. These fools get paid too much to care anyway. But, mustn’t grumble as they say up north.

    Posted by Ryan | 01/10/2011, 21:17
  3. I agree but the ref shouldn’t have produced a red if he hadn’t seen it properly. I detest divers and cheats especially the English ones that act as if diving is a foreign art (read Gerrard and Lampard) before doing it themselves over and over again, but refs mustn’t side with the famous player over the young kid. Be 100% certain before giving a penalty, red card and goal

    Posted by Tafadzwa | 01/10/2011, 21:50
  4. Delayed two cents. Agree that it shouldn’t have been a red card (or even a card at all) but there was contact in that they bumped each other & that’s what hurt Suarez.

    Posted by Kojo Baffoe | 09/10/2011, 21:23

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