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Real Madrid and The Wozniacki Effect

Caroline Wozniacki is a pretty handy tennis player. Since her WTA debut in 2005, the Dane has won 18 WTA singles titles and has made the final in another 10 WTA events. She has managed to improve her year end rankings each year and ended 2010 and 2011 in pole position. In fact, before losing her number one spot after bowing out in the quarter finals of the 2012 Australian Open Wozniacki had held pole position for 67 weeks overall, with 49 of those weeks being consecutive.

However, she has had many critics who have carped on about the fact that the women’s world number has not won a Grand Slam tournament. Like Dinara Safina before her Wozniacki is constantly judged by the fact that although she may play the best and most consistent tennis throughout the year, the critics are not satisfied by the fact that she cannot beat the best when it matters the most.

Which brings me to Real Madrid. Also pretty handy at the game of football.

The team from the capital bounced back from their exit in the Copa Del Ray by steam-rollering bottom club Real Zaragoza 3-1, having gone down by one goal initially. Barcelona continued their poor away form and failed to score in 0-0 game at Villareal. This victory sees Real Madrid extend their lead at the top of La Liga to seven points. Although a seven point lead is not insurmountable, it would take a combination of a very bad run by Real and Barcelona embarking on a hot streak to win the championship.

In the event that Madrid wins the title (and not beating Barcelona in the return league match), would there be some (any?) criticism from their fans, supporters or the press about the fact that they managed to dislodge Barcelona from top but that they failed to overcome the Catalans head-to-head?

I realise that most people will plump for the fact that the results would show that Madrid played the most consistent football and that is all that matters. However, surely the (lack of) results against Barcelona would have to grate and irritate Jose Mourinho. The fact that Guardiola has managed to get the better of him during his time in Spain and the fact that some of his players began to question his tactical approach.

A title is a title, but can you claim to be the best when you haven’t beaten the best?


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I'm beginning to get the sense that my career as a professional footballer may not happen. As a result, I'll try write about football and sports instead....


6 thoughts on “Real Madrid and The Wozniacki Effect

  1. Most wont know who is on top in La Liga but ask anyone who won El Clasico… Enough said.

    Posted by froners | 30/01/2012, 21:48
  2. I was thinking the other day how Cricket is one of those sports you can get away with not ever winning a World Cup. As for Real Madrid, they are in a precarious position as they ultimately have one opponent who can match their team head to head, Barca. By not beating them at every opportunity they ultimately lose. In England, if Liverpool for example where to lose to Manchster United home and away, and maybe the odd loss to Chelsea and/or Arsenal, but in the end won the League, i don’t think you would find many disgruntled LFC fans. I guess thats just the way the cookie crumbles in Spain. They want it ALL.

    Posted by D Rock | 31/01/2012, 08:00
  3. This they HAVE to beat Barca is nonsense. They only have to do that in Cup competitions. Liverpool beat Utd home and away, one of them being a 4-1 win at OT, in a season that Utd won the league and Liverpool won nought. Barca should not be referred to as “arguably the greatest team of all time” when they have won 2 CLs in 3 years. Real had a team that won 5 in a row and 6 in 8 years. This team was steamrollering everybody for almost a decade. Ajax and Bayern also had teams that won 3 CLs in a row. These teams were iconic and achieved much much more that this Barca team has. Even the Liverpool (hate to say this) and Milan great teams achieved greater achievements than this Barca one. I think people are so keen to kill all debate about the greatest of all time they are shoe horning Messi and Barca into the frame when they are clearly not yet close to the aforementioned teams. THIS is the reason why Ronaldo and Madrid are being pushed to prove a point vs Barca. Its an unwinnable point IMHO. If they beat Barca its because they are efficient and aren’t a thing of beauty. If they lose they are not efficient. If Ronaldo breaks the scoring record, its because he was playing against teams that had nothing to play for because Barca had already won the league. I assume that by that time Messi and Barca were still playing teams that had something to play for. It has been decided that Barca are the poster child of our generation and no getting away from that. If I were Jose, I would keep quiet and let the trophies do the talking. What happens if all Barca wins is the Copa Del Rey??? Its what Madrid won last year to much snide comments. I bet you Barca will still be called the best team on the planet. same as Messi in 2010.

    Posted by Tafarell | 31/01/2012, 10:35
    • I specifically steered clear of using the Premier League as an example in the article. The Premier League has three or four challengers so results against the top teams are not essential when it comes to winning the league.

      I believe La Liga is a two horse race – as I specifically mentioned at the end, Madrid will probably get the title but will Mourinho be happy that they have played second fiddle to Barca in the majority of their head-to-head encounters? Also, if Barca do manage to catch Real then that head-to-head will come into play.

      As for this GOAT argument, it’s not something I am interested in. People keep trying to compare teams and players across eras and it doesn’t work for me. I can appreciate that both Barca and Real play some great football and that’s where it ends for me. Also have do not participate in the Ronaldo bashing that seems to be all the rage….

      Posted by Ticha Pfupajena | 31/01/2012, 13:40
    • Mate you said Real won 5 CLs in a row, in which dimension is that?
      No club has managed to retain
      the Champions League trophy
      since its inception in 92.

      Posted by Gaur | 31/01/2012, 14:13
  4. Interesting and enjoyable to read, please keep posting them, mbp

    Posted by mupamombe | 31/01/2012, 14:19

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