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Enjoyment and Work

I came across this Venn diagram a couple of months ago which I thought was particularly relevant for a lot of us. Relevant because most people look at their jobs or what they do for a living and actually try to figure whether they enjoy what they are good at and what they like i.e. trying … Continue reading

Lance Armstrong goes on Oprah

So it was recently announced that Lance Armstrong was going to appear on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show. Word on the street is that the alleged dope cheat and former 7-time Tour de France winner is going to do his version of Usher’s confessions and come clean about his wrongdoing. Some people are convinced that Armstrong … Continue reading

Cristiano Ronaldo: Arrogant

Discussion about who the world’s best player happens all the time. The recently decided Ballon d’Or award ensures that this discussion happens at least once a year. And for four straight years now, the world’s best player (according to come coaches and journalists is He-who-shall-not-be-named. Various criteria have been discussed and dissected ad nauseam including major trophies won, goals … Continue reading

‘Bravo Boateng, Bravo Milan’

Kevin-Prince Boateng, together with his AC Milan teammates, walked off the pitch during a friendly game on Thursday against Pro Patria due to persistent racist abuse directed towards him and the other black players in the AC Milan team. The cloud of racism has hovered and lingered in the game of football for a very … Continue reading

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