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Cristiano Ronaldo: Arrogant

Discussion about who the world’s best player happens all the time. The recently decided Ballon d’Or award ensures that this discussion happens at least once a year. And for four straight years now, the world’s best player (according to come coaches and journalists is He-who-shall-not-be-named.

Various criteria have been discussed and dissected ad nauseam including major trophies won, goals scored in a calendar year, number of assists, number of shots attempted, player with the prettiest wife/girlfriend etc etc and so on and so forth.

There is also another criteria that seems to pop up almost unerringly during any comparison between Ronaldo and that Pacman-inspired-tuxedo-jacket-wearing footballer : arrongance.

One of the main weapons thrown into any debate between the two footballers is how Ronaldo is arrogant and naturally this is juxtaposed with the statement about how humble the little Argentinian is. If the debate/argument continues and one asks for examples of Ronaldo’s arrogance, then a laundry list including some of the following are regurgitated:

  • He is rich, handsome and a great player (words used by Ronaldo himself)
  • He drives flashy sports cars
  • He has a supermodel girlfriend
  • He dresses well (according to the people who rank these things)
  • He does not smile/laugh much when he plays
  • He had the gall to admit to the media that he felt “sad” at his club team
  • He points to his thigh after scoring a goal
  • He does not give 100% in pre-season press conferences
  • He had a reputation for simulation (or diving as it is known)
  • He is petulant (for disagreeing with refereeing decisions)
  • He is not a team player

Ronaldo may be guilty of all of the above or perhaps none of the above, but it is ridiculous that his perceived arrogance should have any bearing on any discussion about who is a better player. That Barcelona player’s nature, similar to the Englishman Paul Scholes, appears to be such that he seems happiest when he is playing on the pitch and doing what he does best. Off the pitch, the little flea seems to almost shut down and withdraw from the intense media scrutiny. People label this as humility, but that is just the way that four-time Ballon d’Or winner expresses himself off the pitch.

Ronaldo is certainly not the first and will not be the last footballer who is perceived as arrogant. Players such as Maradona, Cantona, Ibrahimovich, Henry, Cassano, Totti etc are not only known for their outstanding footballing ability but also for being confident, bordering on arrogant. Outside of football, there are sportsmen like Michael Jordan, Michael Schumacher and Lance Armstrong who are famous for their fiercely competitive nature which could be perceived as arrogance by some.

There is a distinction between footballing ability and perceived character traits. In my opinion, the focus should only be on the former when debating who is a better player. However, human nature means that rational debate will always be trumped by emotional reasons.

P.S. I never liked Alan Shearer as a player purely because of his ridiculous goal celebrations.



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6 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo: Arrogant

  1. I take you don’t think he’s deserving of the “player of the year” title 🙂

    Posted by Mama T | 11/01/2013, 15:17
  2. If CR7 did what Messi did and Messi did what CR7 did off the pitch and on the pitch, the reasons would be changed. Messi shouted at Villa for not passing him the ball and it was said to be passion. Had CR7 done it it would be called petulance. CR7 just can’t win it. last year he set goal scoring records and won Copa Del Rey only and it was CR7 won nothing major. This year the reverse is true and it’s about goals. I have long given up expecting a fair debate on this matter

    Posted by Tafarell | 11/01/2013, 17:45
  3. Famous people must show that they are human, like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and not shut themselves away from public scrutiny. For that reason I would vote Christiano. Messi has the benefit of playing with the world championship winning team and this factor must be noted when choosing the best player. The truth is that Messi’s type of soccer is not as imposing, commanding, colourful or stylish as Cantona’s or Gazza or Backenbeur or Ronaldo’s for that matter. The guy seems to just dart from place to place. His humility and not his soccer has won him those praises. How many people really go out to a soccer match to see the great Messi play?

    Posted by Kule | 11/01/2013, 21:01
  4. yup….I have grown to realise that that a lot of subjectivity goes ito the whole world’s best player argument Leo is a fantastic player who has done fnatastic things in footy thus far BUT it’s not inconceivable to believe that he has benefitted from his purpoted choir-boy image While CR7 seemds to be an acquired taste. It would appear that the whole selection process is also not clearly defined and hence will seldom satisfy a majority. the other problem is that it’s an annual award which unfortunately means that it overlaps different seasons which are usually completed during the mid year period. This has meant that in years that do not have major national tournaments during the club off season,the bench markfor excellencehas been set at mid year, which is when the club honours have been decided, leading to abias towards team achievement tipping the scales in the event of a possible deadlock…..with nothing happening until the award is handed over, (because a good start to the season hardly ever warrants the handing out of accolades) there are numerous years when the worlds best player of the year has been based on 5 months of work…. So CR7 was a front runner in May. In the seasons that a national tournament is played it’s another opportunity to do your bidding BUT is it really fair to call someone the year’s best, based on a month’sbody of work, however briliant it may be… With Euro 2012 being a relative success for CR7, he was again a front runner….. only for Messi to go on this ridiculous goalfest, which had us scouring the archives. so by the time the nominees were being finalised CR7s achievements were fading and he was now seemingly paying the price for not keeping up with Leo in a “contest” that had no real title, or trophy…jus bragging rights. AND crucially it was all we were concerned about heading ino the new year…. my only issue with that is that with the golden boot being awarded to the eventual top goalscore, do we not run the risk of duplicating the whole acknowledgement of greatness thing….perhaps the Golden boot winner should just collect the Golden ball aswell…. jus sayin…!!

    Posted by pardonthepun-dit | 12/01/2013, 21:42
  5. hahaha Shearer should be removed fromthe record books and video evidence destroyed of that ridiculously poor goal celebration.

    As far as who is the “best” and Mr Ronaldo. I am a lover of football, and Ronaldo is a beauty to watch. He is the second best player in the world and there is no shame in that.

    I couldn’t care less if he smiles or not, if he drives fancy cars or he thinks he Sh%ts Ponds. As long as he continues to be a brilliant footballer. Maybe one day in the distant future he will eclipse that brilliant little magician who holds the number one spot.

    Posted by acekicker77 | 15/01/2013, 13:06


      Posted by Magda Wilson | 16/08/2013, 15:09

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