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Lance Armstrong goes on Oprah

So it was recently announced that Lance Armstrong was going to appear on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show.

Word on the street is that the alleged dope cheat and former 7-time Tour de France winner is going to do his version of Usher’s confessions and come clean about his wrongdoing. Some people are convinced that Armstrong has made a deal with the USADA where he will confess and in return he will be allowed to compete once again.

Others are convinced that Armstrong is the leopard that will not change his spots or the dog that won’t learn new tricks. He has come a long way with his Bill Clinton philosophy of denial, so why change a winning formula?

Either way, this is like driving past a car accident – you don’t want to look, but you can’t help yourself…

I enjoyed this post by the guys from The Atlantic discussing whether anybody still cares about Lance Armstrong

Here are a couple of my favourite excerpts from the article:

“The title of his hagiography was right: It’s not about the bike. And definitely not about doing what’s right. It’s about doing what’s right for Lance. Always and forever. As such, I expect Armstrong to tell Winfrey just enough to satisfy the uninformed, the people who still want to believe in the myth of Cancer Jesus. I expect a half-admission, maybe a quarter-admission, a few shots at his enemies and our entire anti-doping witch huntin’ system”

“Is it possible to answer all of your question with a simple “I don’t care” or “What, do you want me to talk about Lindsay Lohan’s latest drug bust too?” Or maybe a discussion of whether Mark McGwire used steroids?”

This next bit is awesome – Hampton compares the end of this saga to the end of Jaws or Die Hard, you have to keep watching to the end to see what happens…

“Armstrong’s crimes were far worse. Here’s hoping Winfrey makes him pay dearly. The people he hurt need it. Here’s hoping that she jams that air tank firmly into the shark’s mouth and shoots true. Here’s hoping that she cuffs him to the sinking houseboat, Max Cady-style, and he goes down speaking in tongues. This isn’t revenge, guys. It’s not even justice. But it’s our chance to finally see Hans Gruber fall backwards off a building. Of course I’m going to watch.”

There you have it folks. As one person put it on Twitter: “Armstrong is like the white people’s OJ (Simpson). Everyone knows he’s guilty.”

Guess you can all make up your minds.


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I'm beginning to get the sense that my career as a professional footballer may not happen. As a result, I'll try write about football and sports instead....


6 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong goes on Oprah

  1. None are so blind as those that refuse to see…….

    The man is innocent.

    Posted by Gunner Runner | 15/01/2013, 23:25
  2. Funny how the first thought that I had was that I hope Lance doesn’t confess. I for one know he did it. Because so many of his competitors did it, and he beat them. 7 times over. So even in a bad bunch he was the best. Best doped up cyclist, and the best at keeping it under wraps (for a while). But back to O.J., we all supported his cause (whether it was right or wrong is something else), but when he tried to release the book, If I Did It, describing how he though the murders he was once accused of had happened. Something about this action left a bad taste in your mouth and relegated O.J. to the league of has-been hero turned villian.

    I feel that Lance will have an “If i did it” kind of interview. Where we are all left with a bad taste in our mouths and the great things he has done through Livestrong are tainted by a sport, a game if you will, that would need to award his jerseys to the next best guy who didnt use drugs (probably number 12th).

    I hope he stays defiant http://alturl.com/xtcf8

    Posted by Rock from the Miz (@sunnzactor) | 16/01/2013, 01:13
  3. hihihi Lance = OJ…. if this proves to be true, then after the “If I doped” confessional expect Lance to be caught on CCTV as part of an armed bandit crew raiding a group of Sports Memorabilia merchants who are auctioning off his merchandise!!

    Posted by pardonthepun-dit | 16/01/2013, 09:08
  4. Part 1 of the interview was sad i feel. An emotionless Lance saying he did it, in as few words as possible. Could not bare to watch the full interview. But he has not fully come clean as to the how and who. Maybe that is in part 2, or a future book?

    Posted by Rock from the Miz (@sunnzactor) | 19/01/2013, 08:08
    • This was all planned as a PR exercise. As you said the man was unapologetic and did not seem remorseful at all. Kind of going through the motions. I reckon trying to get leniency from lifetime ban. Otherwise he is not sorry.

      Mrs Goalmouthmelee raised a good point. Everyone was doping, there is no surprise with this confession and peeps forget he is just a human being.

      Still think after all that he is a great athlete. Out of all the dope fiends he was still the best and most consistent. 7 tours is no joke.

      Posted by Ticha Pfupajena | 19/01/2013, 18:42
  5. I have never watched a whole tour de France or any other cycling event. When did cycling get sooo big. Is it a real sport? I mean i cycled to high school everyday for three years when i was younger and saw thousands of other cyclists on the road with me. They were generally security guards, domestic workers and other such people who could not afford a car or to be driven. If you had offered any of us a drug that made the journey easier or faster we would have definitely paid for it.

    But seriously, I hate to see giants on their knees. A legend can only be downgraded to becoming a disgraced legend – but legend he remains.

    Posted by Farai Dhliwayo | 23/01/2013, 16:05

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