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Key lessons from #elclasico

1. Ronaldo > Messi

2. Mourinho is a genius

3. Guardiola is still a genius

4. Messi is a big game bottler

5. Raphael Varane is now the world’s future best player

6. Tito Vilanova might be a genius

7. Jourdi Roura is just an assistant coach

8. Iker Casillas > Diego Lopez

9. Victor Valdes Ronaldo

Some of the above points may be true, or none of the above may be true.

One thing we know for certain is that Real Madrid executed a tactical master class against Barcelona, and have a good chance of claiming the Copa del Ray.

Manchester United will be very wary of the pace and accuracy of Real Madrid on the counter attack.

Barcelona still pretty much have the league sewn up but any other silverware this season looks remote. The team looks like they are a fatigued, mentally as well as physically and once the Messi threat has been neutralised, they have lacked other attacking options (the famous plan B).

Another el clasico beckons on Saturday, and provides an opportunity for Barcelona to try and regain some pride. The result will probably have little bearing on the title “race” but may prove important for this Barcelona team from a psychological point of view.


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I'm beginning to get the sense that my career as a professional footballer may not happen. As a result, I'll try write about football and sports instead....


4 thoughts on “Key lessons from #elclasico

  1. Even if Mourinho is to leave Madrid at the end of the season…part of his lasting legacy will be the fact that (regardless of being many points behind Barca on the league table) Madrid no longer have an inferior complex when it comes to Barca. GONE are the days of being humiliated and shipping in 5 goals at the Camp Nou….GONE are the days of using the “park the bus” tactics (with the occasional openinin of the bus’s door, by Pepe & Ramos, to smash any oncoming La Masia graduates), GONE are the days of celebrating a draw as a sign of parity with Barca….NOW Madrid charge into the Nou Camp and impose themselves on Barca & are confident enough in their own counter-attacking strenghts that they are not too bothered about possession footy… Mourinho has elevated them to a point where they can now do a whole lot…with the “little” they have. There may be no trophies for that BUT there is no doubting that whoever takes over from Mourinho will be entrusted with a team that is better positioned to succeed than the one he found upon his arrival. Yup I agree with point # 2…MOURINHO is a GENIUS!!

    Posted by pardonthepun-dit | 27/02/2013, 10:23
    • It does seem that Barca’s dominance is waning since Pep departed. The one thing Mourinho does always seem to bring to any team he goes to (in the beginning anyway) is unity and a sense of team purpose. This being Madrid, however, it also seems that player power takes over and that what the players want takes precedence over team objectives.

      I would agree that he has found the tactical set up to neutralise Barca now.

      Posted by Ticha Pfupajena | 02/03/2013, 07:46
  2. MESSI is still a god. Just a tired one.
    It’s easy to shine occasionally when you are number 2. If you don’t no one cares @CR7.
    Barca desperately needs Plan B.
    Barca desperately need a proper full time coach.
    MOURINHO is a GENIUS –> Next stop Barca please to win the Champs league again.

    Posted by swissbeatsdiaries | 27/02/2013, 14:19
  3. Lesson # 10: midfielders do not yet rule the world. We still need center-backs

    Posted by Maradona>Pele | 01/03/2013, 01:25

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