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The Talented Mr Shillinde

There are stories that just make you laugh out loud when reading them. One day I hope they make a film about The Legend of Bobby Shillinde. It’s a great story that will warm the cockles of your heart, and make you believe in the magic of football once again. If anybody in Botswana ever … Continue reading


A headline from a media outlet the other day. “Brazil ‘will be ready’ for 2014 World Cup – Blatter” With just over a year to go until the global footballing showpiece, Brazil is dealing with the “will they be ready for the World Cup?” questions. Brazil, like 2010 World Cup host South Africa, has faced … Continue reading

We are addicted to being right

I enjoy reading the posts of The Reformed Broker. He is in the financial services business and blogs about markets, politics, economics, media, culture and finance. I came across this post on his blog today and thought it was very interesting and relevant to football. “Are we addicted to being right? Is being thought of … Continue reading

Whose fault is it anyway?

I read this piece a couple of months ago about the statement released by the former Groupon CEO, Andrew Mason, when he was given the heave-ho by his ex-employer. “People of Groupon, After four and a half intense and wonderful years as CEO of Groupon, I’ve decided that I’d like to spend more time with … Continue reading

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