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Football snapshot – 25 April 2013

You’ve been away from tv and social media and you don’t know what has happened in the world of football? Fear not, GMM is here to help! 1. Racism < Biting. Surprisingly enough, Liverpool FC are “shocked and disappointed by this”. 2. Germany 2 Spain 0 – in a Champions League context anyway. 3. Barcelona … Continue reading

FA to charge Patrice Evra

In breaking news, the FA has confirmed that they will charge Manchester United defender Patrice Evra today with a charge of having a sense of humour, for allegedly brandishing an inflatable arm in public and pretending to take a bite out of it. This act was supposedly a reference to Luis Suarez and his infamous … Continue reading

The Inexcusable Mr Suarez

On first viewing, in real time, it is difficult to actually see what happened. Ivanovic reacts in pain, and then in anger. He complains to the referee, who takes not action. Suarez shrugs and then does the injury routine – as in, he tries to look as if he was injured in the contact. Then, … Continue reading

Lionel Messi is Voltron

In the hit 1980’s cartoon series Voltron: Defender of The Universe, there was a recurring theme each episode. The bad guys (led by evil King Zarkon, his son Lotor and the witch Haggar) would attempt to take over the good planet Arus. Haggar would always create a super monster, the Robeast, to terrorise the good … Continue reading

Convict XI – Right Back

Contender – Glen Johnson “Criminal mastermind Glen Johnson and his accomplice, Millwall’s Ben May, were foiled by an eagle-eyed 74-year-old B&Q security guard as they attempted a low level heist in 2007. Johnson, then a Portsmouth player but on loan from Chelsea and on a reported Β£30,000 a week, was seen placing a toilet seat … Continue reading

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