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Convict XI

Convict XI – Right Back

Contender – Glen Johnson


“Criminal mastermind Glen Johnson and his accomplice, Millwall’s Ben May, were foiled by an eagle-eyed 74-year-old B&Q security guard as they attempted a low level heist in 2007.

Johnson, then a Portsmouth player but on loan from Chelsea and on a reported £30,000 a week, was seen placing a toilet seat in the packaging of a cheaper item and stashing some taps underneath a sink before heading to the checkout. The two men were arrested by police and handed £80 fines on the spot.” Source: Top 10 stupid criminal acts by footballers

However, according to Johnson it was a simple misunderstanding and the involvement of an over zealous security official that caused the problem.

Contender – Gary Neville

The former Manchester United right back makes it onto this list as a contender due to this attempt to grow a moustache. No further explanation needed.


Starter – César Aparecido Rodrigues


“Back in March 2001, Brazil handed a call-up to César Aparecido Rodrigues, attracting note because of the rampaging right-back’s criminal past.

As a 19-year-old playing for Juventus of Sao Paulo, César used insider knowledge of the club’s bonus structure to inform two friends that there was $100,000 lying around waiting to be split among the squad. His friends swooped and the three of them split the swag but failed to realise that purchasing new cars in cash may not be the most inconspicuous way to spend the readies.

After serving four years, César later went on to play for the likes of Lazio and Inter in Serie A.” Source: Top 10 stupid criminal acts by footballers


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4 thoughts on “Convict XI – Right Back

  1. Come now! Any reason for Liverpool fans to put down Mr. G. Nev. He is a legend in my book purely for the level of hatred from Liverpool fans. We don’t hate Suarez as much as you hate G. Nev and we have better reason to. I thought this would stop when he stopped playing but blerry ‘eck!

    Posted by Tafarell | 08/04/2013, 14:17
    • I think Gazza was a good player, and no doubt a legend for the club.

      But, that moustache should have seen him up on charges at the International Criminal Court at The Hague!

      Posted by Ticha Pfupajena | 10/04/2013, 06:14
  2. How did Stan Collymore not make this squad … Stan on the prowl…dogging!!! lol

    Posted by acekicker77 | 23/04/2013, 13:53

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