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The Inexcusable Mr Suarez

On first viewing, in real time, it is difficult to actually see what happened. Ivanovic reacts in pain, and then in anger. He complains to the referee, who takes not action. Suarez shrugs and then does the injury routine – as in, he tries to look as if he was injured in the contact.

Then, the slow motion replays start (the commentators repeatedly tell us about the 26 cameras there positioned around the ground) and then this is when the inexcusable behaviour comes fully into light.

This is a truly appalling act. There is no other way of describing it. Although the interwebs have been abuzz with viral memes of Suarez, this is no laughing matter.

At least Liverpool FC management have learned some PR lessons since that time. In the immediate aftermath of ‘Evragate’, the then manager Kenny Dalglish and the rest of LFC went into super denial mode and basically defended Suarez at the cost of the club’s already tarnished reputation. This time around the club has acted swiftly with the manager, Brendan Rodgers, and managing director, Ian Ayre, swift in their comndemnation of Suarez’s actions. Suarez himself also posted a quick apology on Twitter to Ivanovic.

To paraphrase Butch’s question to Marsellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction “So, what now?”

Suarez is undeniably a gifted footballer, but has he not become more trouble than he is worth? Yes, he scores goals, has singlehandedly carried Liverpool’s misfiring strike force, shows brilliant skills on the ball and has a tremendous work rate. But all that comes at a price – what possibly goes through his brain when making a decision to bite another player? There is no tangible advantage to doing that to a fellow human being.

The FA will certainly produce some form of ban and a fine for this violent conduct, but surely it cannot be more than 8 games because that would be worse than racism…..Speculation has been rife that Liverpool may try and cash in on the troublesome forward in the summer. The mutterings from Ian Ayre appear to have poured cold water on that scenario as he claims that “Suarez is going nowhere”.

The one thing that strikes me is the level of outrage that accompanies this latest in a series of incidents involving Luis Suarez – the very talented and temperamental Uruguayan striker currently playing for Liverpool FC. The biting incident appears, to me at least, to have generated more debate and conversation on Twitter than the racism incident with Patrice Evra. The racism story was even more galling as Suarez refused to apologise for his behaviour after the event and relied instead on the “lost in translation” defence.

Following the biting saga, I am once again struck by a certain section of Liverpool fans who have opted for the “take the good with the bad” or the “you wouldn’t be saying that if he played for your team” defence of Suarez. I got a comment on Twitter stating “Who cares what u think. Suarez is a @LFC player & remains one” for daring to suggest that Suarez does not demonstrate the qualities of a Liverpool player. Basically, I don’t agree with your opinion so just shut up.

I can’t comprehend how that makes sense to any rational thinking human being. I am a fan and supporter of Liverpool, but I have not become so desensitised that I cannot recognise and criticise terrible behaviour whether or not the player concerned plays for Liverpool or another team.

Perhaps it may have something to do with the fact that I don’t follow the philosophy of winning at all costs. What say you?


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I'm beginning to get the sense that my career as a professional footballer may not happen. As a result, I'll try write about football and sports instead....


12 thoughts on “The Inexcusable Mr Suarez

  1. In total agreement! I’m a big LFC fan (certainly used to be anyway) but can’t stand Suarez. He should have been banned after the world cup fraud, then again for racism and now for being an out of control animal. The longer he stays at the club the more difficult it is to support. He should be banned from the game for life!

    Posted by Matthew Morrison | 22/04/2013, 22:46
  2. Well put! We all support and love out teams, but some truths need to be said. A line needs to be drawn as such behavior ultimately tarnishes the Club LFC are much bigger than any individual. Suarez needs to learn that enough is enough. Let him go!

    It’s actually sad to see him play like this as I think most of us African supporters of the round ball had just began to get over that handball saga against Ghana… #OnToTheNextOne

    Posted by Tozi | 23/04/2013, 06:11
  3. I agree 100%. He is a despicable character whether one is a Liverpool supporter or not. His behaviour continues to disgust me.

    Posted by kaiaisago | 23/04/2013, 11:17
  4. My 2 cents as a LFC supporter: yes LFC is a business, but the red shirt should still stand for something other than winning at all costs. I’m glad he apologised and the club swiftly fined him, but I also wouldn’t shed a tear if they gave him his marching orders.

    Posted by miggs | 23/04/2013, 17:05
  5. Couldn’t of said it better – “Having an impromptu chow-down on Ivanovic, for me, was stupid, pointless and reckless, but am I outraged? No, of course not. I’ll save that for people who harm children or beat homeless people to death for fun. Footballer nibbling another? Do me a favour”


    Posted by acekicker77 | 24/04/2013, 17:44
  6. Poor Liverpool. They have no choice but to do damage control because if they don’t, their investment in Suarez will go to waste. Suarez’s behaviour deserves a full season ban not his 10 match ban.

    Posted by Kule | 25/04/2013, 15:03
  7. Dirty Dirty Suarez must go! Allez!!!

    Posted by Mama T | 16/05/2013, 18:11

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