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Murray denies sabotage at Wimbledon

Andy Murray has reacted angrily to claims that he has sabotaged this year’s Wimbledon tournament to ensure that a Briton finally wins the historic grass court championship. A number of female players withdrew injured from this year’s tournament and blamed the playing surface with Victoria Azarenka stating “The court was not in a good condition,” … Continue reading

Beer goggles

At the start of a night out on the town, there are a lot of hungry (or thirsty) revellers looking to hook up or get some action. They enter the bar/pub/nightclub and will usually be particularly selective about who they will or won’t consider trying to chat up. Too fat, too skinny, not pretty enough, … Continue reading

Football is everything

I have been procrastinating about writing this post for a very long time. Thankfully for me, Sipho Hlongwane of Business Day is not prone to such inertia and has literally taken the words from my mouth and put them in an article. It is one of the things in life that really gets me genuinely … Continue reading

Messi: he is human after all

There are quite a few things that Lionel Messi does seriously well – most of them involve his two feet, sometimes his head, 95% involve a football and some of those things may, or may not, involve some opposition players. For the things that he does well, he has already been entered into a potential … Continue reading

Long Live The Queen

There seems to be a point when people run out of superlatives. It has happened with Lionel Messi – how many more adjectives can one come up with to describe the skill and ridiculous, sometimes unbelievable displays that he puts in week after week. So too, I feel, is the case with Serena Williams and … Continue reading

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