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Messi: he is human after all

There are quite a few things that Lionel Messi does seriously well – most of them involve his two feet, sometimes his head, 95% involve a football and some of those things may, or may not, involve some opposition players. For the things that he does well, he has already been entered into a potential football hall of fame, and arguments about whether or not he is better than Pele or Maradona are still raging.

However, we all know that human beings are not perfect. Messi, for all of the superhuman highlight reel footage that he brings to the plate, is still just a regular flesh and blood mortal.

It is a great feeling to know that Messi is fallible and is not perfect all the time, especially when he’s not playing football.

For example, we know that he is really really really terribly bad at pretending to play cricket. Then there was also this Lays tv spot which was just awful – again, choose which advisors to listen to before committing yourself to it. Even if it just a tv advert, and not meant to be taken seriously, somebody should have advised him to just stick with the Turkish Airlines ad he did with Kobe.

From tv adverts, we then had some even worse advice from his agent/manager/mother who recommended that he try his hand at modelling. Cristiano Ronaldo can comfort himself that he is better than Messi at something. These images can never been unseen….



Finally, to make matters worse Messi and his father have recently been in the press for allegedly defrauding the Spanish tax authorities to the tune of €4m. However, reading the claims from the Spanish authorities it would appear the heat is more on Messi Senior

The fraud is alleged to have started before he came of age and while his father was in charge of his financial affairs.

A complex network of companies based in Britain, Switzerland, Belize and Uruguay were allegedly used to keep his income out of the sight of tax authorities.

“The initiative to commit fraud came from his father,” tax authorities said, according to Spain’s EFE news agency.

So the next time you think that it must be an awesome feeling to be the greatest footballer on the planet with all the adulation and glory and financial rewards that go with it, think again. Everybody, including Lionel Messi, is only human after all.


About Ticha Pfupajena

I'm beginning to get the sense that my career as a professional footballer may not happen. As a result, I'll try write about football and sports instead....


3 thoughts on “Messi: he is human after all

  1. Not going to comment but its just wrong to put up those “modeling” photos. Both to us and Messi

    Posted by Tafarell | 15/06/2013, 16:49
  2. Proof positive there are no Jacks of all trades, in this case…….. Just jack asses, both messi and his agent

    Posted by Eagle 7 | 17/06/2013, 13:04

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