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The lamentations of Alexandre Dimitri Song

If one was to look up the definition of lamentation in the dictionary, one would find the following “the passionate expression of grief or sorrow; weeping” I like to think that Alex Song does not lament very much at the moment. Mainly because he is a professional footballer. No matter how hard he and his … Continue reading

Weekend Talking Points – 27 October 2013

Another weekend of football, and another weekend of talking points. Arsenal Arsenal bounced back from their mid-week Champions League defeat against Borussia Dortmund, with a hard-fought victory (with only ten men!) against the mighty Crystal Palace. To be fair, I did not watch the game and do not know if it was really a hard-fought … Continue reading

Sports, emotions and man crushes

There is something about sports that changes heterosexual men and their perceptions about emotions. For a large majority of men (myself included) the phrases “real men don’t cry” and “stop acting like a girl” were bandied about with sufficient regularity as we grew up that we consider such behaviour to be quite normal. These stereotypes … Continue reading

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