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Wishing on star

The Sky Sports commentators are beside themselves with unbridled excitement as they confidently proclaim that “this is the reason why the Large Multinational Bank Premier League is the BEST league in the world!”. Continue reading


Tennis, anyone?

Timothy Henry Henman achieved a modest level of success during his professional tennis career. This is appropriate given that Mr Henman was a player with modest abilities and achieved a level of success in keeping with his abilities. For some reason though, that only certain members of the British public can answer, whenever the Wimbledon … Continue reading

It’s all Demichelis’s fault

There is always someone to blame when the final whistle blows and the game is lost. I’ve said it before and I shall say it again – the losing team must be able to find a scapegoat, a reason, for the defeat. This weekend Manchester City were expected to cruise to victory against Championship side … Continue reading

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