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World Cup Watch – Day 17

There were many viewers in the aftermath who said it was a “shame” and that Mexico “deserved” to go through. Rubbish. If Mexico had been more clinical with their chances they would have gone through. They have nobody to blame but themselves. Continue reading


World Cup Watch – Day 16

A lot of the plaudits and headlines will inevitably be for James (pronounced “Ham-ez” to you) Rodriguez who scored both goals in a 2-0 win. The first goal was a fantastic piece of skill as he controlled the ball of his chest before swivelling and thundering the ball past the hapless keeper – what was even better, for me at least, was the little glance that Rodriguez gave as the ball was in flight towards him to check the keeper’s position. The sign of a truly talented footballer – analysing data and making calculations in milliseconds to make inspired decisions. Continue reading

World Cup Watch – Day 15

It seems easy enough to blame the players for being greedy in this instance but the Ghana Football Association must also take a large portion of the blame. Everyone seems to focus on the players and how they lack loyalty, but there is often poor administration and promises are made which are not honoured. There have been instances in previous tournaments where money was promised to players but was never paid out. This is the end result. Continue reading

World Cup Watch – Day 14

Wednesday 25 June 2014 People were still talking Dirty Suarez as the next games kicked off. He’s a genius they said. He’s our genius they said. Biting is nothing compared to elbows and leg breaking tackles they said. Ban him for life they said! He doesn’t need a ban they said. They can’t ban him … Continue reading

World Cup Watch – Day 13

Tuesday 24 June 2014 Quote of the day via Musa Okwonga (@okwonga on Twitter): This World Cup is nothing but bread and circuses. But what bread! What circuses! A couple of big games on in Group D. Costa Rica vs England Unfancied Costa Rica were already through to the next round and their game against … Continue reading

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