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The best Reality TV show on earth

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more….” Henry V – Bill Shakespeare It seems like such a long time since a football was last kicked in competitive anger, but it was only mid-July when Germany were crowned champions of the world. From my side, it’s fantastic to have the best (and only) reality … Continue reading

Bojan Krkic: Work In Progress

I’m not entirely convinced that the physical rough-and-tumble of the Premier League is the best option for a small, lightweight player like Bojan who likes to play with the ball at his feet. Continue reading

Feel-good football story

News stories about footballers’ off-field activities generally tend to be about getting drunk, misbehaving after a night out on the town or even smoking cigarettes (why this last one is such a big deal is beyond me – if a player wants to ruin their body let them do it). I digress. Footballers also make … Continue reading

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